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Inspire your target audience to take action through authentic & relatable content by their social Instagram idols.

Pay For Results Only

With Recliq's proprietary pricing model you pay influencers for real engaged customers only. Recliq recognizes fake followers & likes so you don't have to pay for them!

Viral & Memorable Content

Recliq influencers are extremely engaged with their audience due to their high quality content. Tap into their virality & optimize campaigns with our Instagram influencer network!

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Recliq was born out of the need to make online advertising human & relatable again. Jonathan Weitzenfeld, our founder, who works closely with other online marketing channels was astonished at the effectivity of Influencer marketing and realized there was a need for a performance based influencer network. That’s when he reached out to Rocky Kaller, our co-founder, who brought his financial & business expertise which helped build a team to convert an idea into a business. A couple of amazing designers, developers, and account executives later we have developed an influencer platform that any brand & influencer can use, no matter their size. Our goal is to help influencers monetize their content while providing tools for brands that allow them to correctly price & gauge influencer quality in order to skyrocket their results.

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Pricing Algorithm

Our proprietary software pays influencers only when they engage users to your sponsored post. With Recliq brands pay for results only!

Follower Check

Recliq recognizes fake followers & likes so if an influencer is buying fake engagements you won’t have to pay for them!

Matching Algorithm

Our platform browses through thousands of Influencers and selects those who best match your campaign & budget requirements.

Premium Influencers

Recliq vets every single influencer that comes into our network. We set the influencer quality bar high for our brands!

Agency Support

Influencer marketing excels due to its human element. Our network is no different. One of our talented & lovely team mates is always ready to help!

Proven Results

Our network & strategies are shaped after the hundreds of successful Influencer campaigns we have launched.

In-Depth Analytics

Look under the hood by tracking your campaign through Recliq in order to fully understand influencers’ performance.



Bidding for influencers to sponsor my product via Recliq's platform made it very easy for me to get started and meet Influencers within my budget. Pretty great platform.

Greg C.

Life & Style Apparel Co / CEO
We calculated nearly 3x more sales after using Recliq. We loved how they were able to detect fake followers, likes, and comments!

Sarah A.

Lalush Intimates / CEO

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